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Fire hand. Focus secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

There are three candles on the table in candlesticks. The magician takes the matches and lights one candle. After he says that lighting with a match is too common. At these words, he raises his hand to the candle. The audience can clearly see that the hand is open and there is nothing in it. The artist puts out the candle, then, raising his hand to the third candle, lights it with the touch of his fingers, then, in the same way, light the second and first candles and immediately show the audience both empty hands.

Focus secret:

An ignition device is required. This is a narrow copper strip, bent in a half ring. A thin small tube 4-5 mm long and 15-20 mm long is soldered to it. A cotton wick soaked in olive or other vegetable oil is inserted into the tube. It is necessary that the oil burns evenly and calmly) without soot. The device prepared in this way (it must be painted to match the color of the hand) is put on the right middle finger.

If you now open your hand, turning your palm towards the audience, then they will not notice the device: it will be hidden by the hand.

Bringing your hand to the first burning candle, you quietly light the wick from it. Then, slightly moving your hand behind the candle, extinguish it. After that, you light all three candles as if with a simple touch of your fingers, in fact, with the help of a device burning in the tube - a wick. When the wick is burning, avoid sudden movements with your right hand so that the fire does not go out.

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