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Make your shoes waterproof. Chemical experiments

Entertaining experiments in chemistry

Entertaining experiences at home / Chemistry experiments for children

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This can be done in several ways. Let's check two of them.

The first way: warm over low heat (preferably in a water bath) a mixture of three weight parts of paraffin (you can take paraffin candles) for one weight part of linseed oil and grease completely dry leather shoes with it. After lubrication, after 10-20 minutes, wipe with a dry woolen cloth.

The second method: prepare a mixture of forty parts by weight of fish oil, ten parts by weight of wax, and three parts by weight of turpentine. Heat it in a water bath until dissolved, add to it 20 weight parts of glycerin and one weight part of borax, as well as dye (for black leather, 10 weight parts of soot, for yellow shoes, 10 weight parts of ocher). Lubricate the shoes with this mixture. It will become waterproof.

Now you can go hiking without fear of rain and bad weather.

Author: Shkurko D.I.

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