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For many years I have been working with an IE1202 electric drill with similar nozzles and I was convinced that they are very convenient.

However, to use them, it is necessary to remove the cartridge from the drill shaft. Its design with a Morse taper is not designed for frequent such an operation. The cartridge has to be pulled onto the shaft with considerable effort, and it is not easier to remove it. In this case, the bearings are loosened and the cone is quickly triggered. An ill-fitting cartridge can be a source of great trouble.

That's why I made a very simple improvement to the design of the chuck: the puller screw. Now it can be easily removed and put on the drill shaft and does not come off during operation. Naturally, the service life of the node has also increased significantly.

A through hole was drilled in the center of the regular cartridge case (in the figure it is shown seated on the shaft of an electric drill), with the jaws fully extended. It freely includes a screw with a washer, nut and locknut. A gap of 0,1-0,2 mm is left between the nut and the body.

Easily removable drill chuck
Easily removable chuck: 1 - electric drill shaft, 2 - chuck body, 3 - M6 screw, 4,5 - M6 nut and locknut, 6 - washer, 7 - chuck jaws, 8 - clamping tool

When putting the cartridge on the shaft, the screw is screwed in with a screwdriver with the jaws fully divorced - the body is attracted to the shaft. When performing the reverse operation, the screw first "releases" the cartridge, and then presses on it through the washer, working as a puller.

No other modifications are required. The diameter of the central hole depends on the screw, which is selected for the thread in the shaft (M6 for an IE1202 electric drill). Especially convenient was a screw with a cylindrical head and a hexagonal recess for a socket key (GOST 11738-72), this option was introduced as a rationalization proposal (certificate No. 0348 of 23.04.82/XNUMX/XNUMX).

Author: S.Gavrilov

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