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When working with metal, it is often necessary to bend, stamp, draw various parts from sheet materials, cut through, pierce, and cut all kinds of holes in them. Such operations are performed using a press and a set of dies. However, the educational hydraulic press, usually used for this, has disadvantages: it cannot work with sheet material wider than 80 mm, it does not have a reinforced reverse stroke, and the piston speed is low. In addition, special tools are needed to mount tools.

The proposed cantilever screw press (Fig. 1) with a maximum force of three tons is devoid of the listed disadvantages. Press parts can be made on turning and milling machines even in a training workshop. However, the main difficulties are associated not with the turning of parts, but with their welding. So, a unit consisting of a console, a flange and a body should first be baited - grabbed by electric welding on a wooden jig, and then welded with short seams alternately on both sides, thereby reducing welding deformations. But no matter how carefully this operation is carried out, local deformation of the structure is not excluded. That is why the hole Ø 40 mm in the body must first be drilled Ø 36 mm, and after welding the assembly, bored to the nominal diameter by screwing the welded structure onto a mandrel with a trapezoidal screw thread. Without removing the assembly from the mandrel, the plane of the flange, which mates with the frame, is also machined.

The upper part of the press is assembled in the following order. A ball Ø 21,43 mm, taken from a failed ball bearing, is inserted into the hole of the quill, then the shank of the power screw is inserted there and connected to the quill with four retaining screws M8X8, identical in configuration to the guide screw (Fig. 1). The holding screws are needed to return the quill to the top position. The ball transfers the force from the power screw shank to the quill. If there is no ball of the named diameter, then another one can be used, but with a diameter of at least 17 mm. In this case, the depth of the nest in the quill is reduced or the length of the power screw shank is increased. And you can use just round gaskets made of sheet brass, the total thickness of which is equal to the difference in the diameters of the calculated and used balls.

Cantilever screw press
Rice. 1. General view of the press (click to enlarge): 1 - bed (St. 3), 2 - flange (St. 3), 3 - quill (St. 3), 4 - M8 screw for fastening the tool (2 pcs.), 5 - guide screw M8x25 (St. 3), 6 - body (St. 3), 7 - handle (St. 3), 8 - power screw (St. 45), 9 - console (St. 3), 10 - stud M16 (Art. 45, 4 pcs.), 11 - gank and lock nut M16 (8 pcs.), 12 - ball.

The power screw with the quill is lubricated with grease or machine oil, inserted into the body from below and screwed into the thread. Now, a guide screw is screwed into the side hole in the housing and locked with a nut. The end of the screw is located in the longitudinal groove of the quill and prevents its rotation when moving up and down.

Then the upper part of the press is attached to the frame. Studs are screwed into the threaded holes and a flange is put on them. By the way, if necessary, the working height of the press can be increased by placing a 15 mm thick gasket under the flange, repeating its shape.

It is advisable to attach the press to the workbench with bolts or screws (there are four holes in the corners of the bed for this). During operation, the power screw is rotated with a handle welded from several parts (Fig. 2). Using one or another key of the handle, it is possible to create pressure of various sizes on the tool fixed in the quill.

Cantilever screw press
Rice. 2. Handle (click to enlarge): 1 - shoulder, 2 - key, 3 - horn, 4 - washer

Cantilever screw press
Rice. 3. Details of the device for bending profiles (click to enlarge): 1 - punch (St. 3), 2 - matrix (St. 3), 3 - limiter (St. 3), 4 - fixing bolt (St. 45, 2 pcs.), 5 - adjusting screw (St. 45, 2 pcs.).

One of the tools used - a device for bending profiles - is shown in Figure 3. It is based on a pair of punch - matrix. The punch is welded from two parts and fastened with screws in the axial hole of the quill. The matrix is ​​fixed exactly under the punch with fixing bolts and nuts. The heads of the bolts are inserted into the grooves of the frame.

For ease of installation, a limiter is made on the matrix of blanks. The rods of the adjusting screws are inserted into its holes and slightly riveted - so as not to fall out, which are then screwed with a narrow screwdriver into the threaded holes of the matrix, which allows you to install the limiter lip at one of its three grooves. This sets the position of the blanks on the matrix. With the help of the device, it is possible to bend corners, channels, z-profiles from tin, brass or aluminum without further processing. Such profiles are widely used in circles of auto, ship and railway modeling, so the press is a great help to young modellers and designers.

Author: G. Timoshechkin

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