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Labor protection in educational institutions. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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Taking into account the specifics of educational institutions for conducting classes in individual subjects that require practical training, safety rules for classrooms have been developed. Such rules have been developed for chemistry, physics, biology and electrical engineering classrooms.

The developed Safety Rules are mandatory for use in all institutions of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

For example, the Rules on electrical safety when conducting classes in classrooms (classes) of general education schools and the practice of schoolchildren at industrial facilities (approved by the USSR Ministry of Education in 1979) are intended to guide the implementation of practical classes in electrical engineering, physics and other classrooms, where students work with electrical equipment, devices and devices with voltage up to 0,4 kV, as well as during excursions and work experience at industrial facilities and construction sites. The implementation of the above Rules is aimed at ensuring the reliable safe operation of the electrical equipment of the classrooms, as well as the safe conduct of excursions and internships for students at industrial facilities and construction sites.

The main responsibilities in educational institutions are assigned to teachers. That's why teachers of electrical engineering, physics and other subjects are required to:

  • study the safety rules, be guided by them and ensure their strict observance during the educational process;
  • to teach students the correct and safe handling of electrical equipment in classrooms, safe work practices, excursions to industrial facilities and monitor students' compliance with electrical safety measures;
  • before starting any independent work, the teacher or instructor of an industrial facility must instruct the student about the safety measures for performing this work, about safe working methods, preparing and cleaning the workplace and check that the student has mastered the instructions given to him.

Students are required to read the safety instructions. The safety briefing log should indicate the extent of which instructions, when and by whom the students were trained.

Conduct a safety test once a year.

Qualification commissions for testing knowledge and attesting teachers of special subjects are created by local public education authorities in the manner prescribed by the PTE and PTB.

Physics teachers working with lasers must be trained in the Safety Rules for working with optical quantum generators, the Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations with voltages above 1000 V, the Safety Rules for their operation and certified in knowledge of these Rules.

Author: Bobkova O.V.

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