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Occupational safety at the enterprises of the oil industry. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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On issues of labor protection at oil refining enterprises, by-laws are adopted by several ministries and departments: the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. This is largely due to the specifics of this industry, namely: the social significance of oil product supply organizations, the potential danger of the equipment and devices used on them for maintenance personnel.

For personnel of oil product supply organizations, regardless of their organizational and legal form and form of ownership, engaged in the design, operation, repair, adjustment, testing, organization and control of the operation of equipment, buildings and structures that are part of the oil product supply facility, as well as performing other types of work in conditions of an operating oil product supply facility, the main guiding document is the Rules for working with personnel in oil product supply organizations of the Russian Federation, approved by Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation dated June 17, 2003 No. 225.

Employees and employers of oil depots, fuel and lubricants warehouses, stationary, mobile, container and small-sized gas stations, regardless of organizational and legal forms and forms of ownership, are required to be guided by the Intersectoral Rules for Labor Protection in the Operation of Oil Depots, Fuel and Lubricant Warehouses, Stationary and Mobile Gas Stations, approved . Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation of May 6, 2002 No. 33.

Safety rules in the oil and gas industry (approved by the Decree of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the Russian Federation of June 5, 2003 No. 56) were developed in accordance with the Federal Law of July 21.07.1997, 116 No. XNUMX-FZ "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities".

General industrial safety rules for organizations engaged in activities in the field of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities (approved by the Decree of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the Russian Federation of October 18, 2002 No. 61-A) establish general requirements, compliance with which ensures industrial safety, and are aimed at preventing accidents, cases occupational injuries at hazardous production facilities and to ensure the readiness of organizations operating hazardous production facilities to localize and eliminate the consequences of these accidents. These rules are intended for use in the oil and gas production, oil and gas processing, chemical and petrochemical industries; oil products supply; main pipeline transport of gases and combustible liquids.

Author: Bobkova O.V.

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It was 12900 years ago that the period called the Early Dryas ended on Earth, and the Younger Dryas began - a very short period characterized by a sharp cooling, oppression and collapse of ecosystems, the extinction of many large animals in both Americas and Western Europe - mammoths, mastodons and saber-toothed cats. At the same time, there is a decrease in the number of human populations in the same areas. In North America, for example, during the Younger Dryas, in just a thousand years, the vast aboriginal culture of Clovis disintegrated and died out, which in all respects was very stable and claimed to have a protracted existence.

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Until now, the asteroid version has been at the very bottom of the list. Now, after the discovery in Lake Kitseo, she moved to the first place.

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