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Using the services of specialized organizations in the field of labor protection. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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The leader must make the best use of the means at his disposal and involve specialized organizations to provide services necessary for the employer to comply with the requirements of labor protection legislation.

Such specialized organizations are various labor protection centers that carry out a variety of educational, consulting, scientific, informational and publishing activities aimed at providing practical assistance to employers, authorities and public organizations and citizens.

The new edition of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation requires that these organizations (providing labor protection services) be accredited. The procedure for such accreditation and the list of services subject to such accreditation will be put into effect in the prescribed manner.

Practice shows that currently The following services are the most requested:

1. Training and independent certification of personnel. Such training is conducted by organizations that have a license for educational activities under programs of additional professional training in labor protection and related issues. Many of these educational organizations have state accreditation.

2. Information and methodological service, which consists in monitoring the legislation and by-laws containing state regulatory requirements for labor protection, and transferring the results of this monitoring to the employer, providing him with instructions (especially introductory briefing), reference, educational and educational literature.

3. Carrying out certification of workplaces in terms of working conditions in general and its individual stages for the employer as a whole or for its separate division or on a separate issue.

4. Conducting an independent examination or an independent external audit of work on labor protection, including pre-certification.

5. Carrying out certification of the organization of work on labor protection.

6. Development of labor protection management systems, other documentation (drafts of local regulations of the employer).

Besides increasingly required:

1. Conducting an audit and/or certification of labor protection management systems.

2. Outsourcing of work on labor protection (the so-called subscription service for the performance of the functions of a service (specialist) in labor protection). Thirdly, outstaffing of labor protection specialists (attracting a freelance specialist with relevant knowledge, professional skills and experience for the duration of a specific project or work).

Such a specialized organization, for example, is the Institute of Labor, Production and Human Safety of the Perm State Technical University and its constituent Perm Regional Center for Labor Safety under the Department of Human Potential Development of the Government of the Perm Territory, the West Ural Center for Industrial Safety under the Perm Interregional Directorate for Technological and environmental supervision of Rostekhnadzor, etc.

The Institute and its centers carry out a variety of educational, consulting, scientific, informational and publishing activities aimed at providing practical assistance to employers, authorities and public organizations and citizens.

Authors: Fainburg G.Z., Ovsyankin A.D., Potemkin V.I.

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