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Magic wand device. Tips for a magician

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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This is a prop that no magician can do without. In addition to being an excellent distraction tool, the wand helps to conveniently hide ("palm") small objects in the hand holding the wand, discreetly take the desired object from the sideboard, etc. Artists perform various tricks with sticks, and therefore they are sometimes very complex devices. We describe a relatively simple wand, but it will also be possible to perform interesting tricks with it.

Focus Magic Wand
Fig. 6

The convenient size of the stick is as follows: length 30-35 cm, diameter 2-2,5 cm. -2 layers (Fig. 40, A). Glue the top of the tube with black paper or paint it with black paint, and then varnish it. When the tube is dry, cut it to the desired length. Leaving the ends black, the middle part of the tube can be powdered with aluminum powder over enamel paint (as we did earlier when painting the table), such a wand is the most effective.

The ends of the tube are plugged with wooden plugs (this is shown in the figure), the plugs must fit tightly into the tube, they are also painted black and varnished. The ends of the tube are painted with black ink from the inside. A small wire loop is inserted into one of the plugs, and a steel wire rod is inserted into the other (Fig. 6, B); you will learn about their purpose further from the descriptions of tricks.

Here it is necessary to tell about another very simple and ingenious invention of the illusionists; it, in addition to its main service merits, introduces many funny jokes into the performance, the meaning of which we discussed earlier. This is an ordinary small salt or pepper shaker of a closed type made of glass or transparent plastic (Fig. 7). The holes in its lid are tightly closed with transparent varnish 2-3 times from the inside, and, thus, the usual salt inside the salt shaker does not spill out of it with the most vigorous shaking.

Focus Magic Wand
Fig. 7

The magician, having warned the audience that he has a “magic powder” in the salt shaker, throughout the performance “sprinkles” it with his hands, then the objects with which he works, then the “helpers” from the audience, and even the floor in the place from which focus is shown, etc. Taking the salt shaker out of the outer pocket of your jacket, you can discreetly grab some required item along the way, and dropping the salt shaker into your pocket, hide an object that has become unnecessary there. Thus, the magician gets an unhindered opportunity, in front of the audience, to put his hands into one or the other outer pocket of his jacket.

However, this opportunity should be used very skillfully, it should not be abused. It is easy to guess that if you use this technique ten times, the audience will unravel your "secret", and the performance will fail, as it will lose interest for the audience. Therefore, after using this technique at intervals of 2-3 times, continue to use the "magic powder" only to revitalize the program. You either hide the salt shaker in your pocket or leave it several times in the parking lot, in full view of the audience. When hiding and taking the salt shaker out of your pocket, do not forget to casually show that there are no other objects in your hands. After the audience gets used to your jokes and believes that you only need the salt shaker to spice up the performance, you can again use it 2-3 times.

Author: Bedarev G.K.

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