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Smoke in a glass. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

There is a glass with a saucer on the table on the stage. The magician takes the saucer and covers the glass. Stepping back a few steps, he lights a cigarette and announces to the audience that he can fill a glass with smoke from a distance. After taking two or three puffs, he blows a few puffs of smoke towards the table, and smoke appears in the glass.

Focus secret:

While manipulating the glass and saucer, you need to imperceptibly from the audience put two or three drops of hydrochloric acid into the glass, and moisten the bottom of the saucer with ammonia. When you cover the glass with a saucer, a chemical reaction begins, accompanied by the release of white fumes, similar to tobacco smoke.

Before demonstrating the trick, you need to practice and determine the reaction time in order to smoke by the time it starts.

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