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Flowers from a scarf. Focus secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

Take a light silk scarf from the table, wave it and show it from all sides. Waving again, remove the potted flower from the handkerchief and place it on the table.

Show the handkerchief again - it is empty. Wave it again and take out another flower pot from the handkerchief. Repeat these steps four to five times. A row of pots of flowers will line up on the table.

Focus Flowers from a handkerchief

Focus secret:

The secret of the trick lies in the arrangement of the pots. They are made of cloth dyed in the color of clay. The picture shows a flower with a folded pot.

A spring is hidden inside the pot, which keeps the pot in a stretched state all the time. In appearance, such a pot is no different from the usual. At the top of it, a metal cover is covered with imitation earth. A hole is drilled in the center of the lid, through which a thick stem (rod) of the flower passes in the middle.

Focus Flowers from a handkerchief

All other flowers and leaves are attached to it. The rod with its lower end is tightly attached to the bottom of the pot. At a height of about 3 cm from the bottom, the rod has a hinge (shown by an arrow in the figure), which allows it to be bent at a right angle. The hinge also serves as a stopper when folding the pot.

When folding, the hinge on the rod bends. Now the pot won't open. In this form, it can be easily put under the vest, from where it gets at the right time. Taking out the flower, the rod is bent, and the pot itself is stretched under the action of the spring.

The hinge will be below the top metal cap so the rod will be held perfectly straight. The hinge should not be made very weak: it must rotate with some resistance, otherwise the pot may open prematurely or the rod will sway. It is easy to hide four or five such pots under the vest on both sides.

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