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The beads disappear and reappear. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

Directory / Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

Show the audience a small wooden box with a drawer. Pull out the box and hand it over to the audience for inspection. Remove the beads from the assistant's neck, put them in the box, then insert it into the box. And then pull it out again. Everyone will see that it is empty (Fig. a).

Focus Beads disappear and reappear

Approach the assistant, turn her over her left shoulder, and when she again faces the audience, the beads will be on her again.

Focus secret:

The assistant was wearing two pairs of beads. An elastic band is sewn to one string of beads, which allows you to pull them under the apron. From above, the elastic band is fixed under the collar of the dress. When the beads are pulled back, they are fastened to a button that is sewn onto the dress under the apron. Turning, the assistant imperceptibly frees the string of beads from the button. Bot so they reappear on the neck.

The secret of the disappearance of the first string of beads lies in the arrangement of the box and box (fig. b). The bottom of the box is glued with a strip of cloth to its front wall. At the back end of the bottom there is a metal latch plate, and at the bottom of the back wall of the box there is a small rim, behind which the latch goes. At the same level, a small hole was drilled in the back wall of the box, into which a hairpin carnation enters: it is attached at the same level to the back wall of the box (Fig. c).

Focus Beads disappear and reappear

When the box is pushed into the box, the nail enters the opening of the box and pushes the latch plate and the bottom falls down. The beads in the box are in the palm of your hand, since the box itself has no bottom. When the drawer is pulled out a second time, the bottom automatically rises into place and the latch again goes over the edge in the back of the drawer.

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