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Flowers from a bag. Focus secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

On the table is a piece of paper rolled up into a tube. The magician takes it, unfolds it and shows it to the audience. Viewers see that it is a blank sheet of paper. The magician rolls a bag out of it. Holding it with his left hand, he shows the audience with his right. There is nothing in the hand. The artist makes a movement, as if he caught something in the air and puts it in a bag. Having invited an assistant to the stage, he overturns a bag into her tray, and bright flowers spill out of it. The magician unfolds the bag and again shows the audience a blank sheet of paper.

The artist repeats the trick again and again.

Focus secret:

To demonstrate this trick, you will need a sheet of whatman paper the size of a newspaper page and 60-70 paper flowers. This number of colors must be divided into three parts. Put each part in a pack. Put one pack a little away from the left corner of the paper sheet, the second - away from the right corner, and the third - in the middle of the sheet. Now you need to cut three paper strips. Lay each paper strip like a belt across the petals and glue the ends to the paper sheet with patches of plaster or glue.

Thanks to this, all packs of flowers will fit snugly against the paper sheet. And this makes it possible to twist and fold the sheet as you like.

Having prepared a paper sheet for demonstrating the trick, roll it into a tube so that the bundles of flowers are inside, and place it on the illusion table. You will unroll the tube by holding a sheet of paper with both hands and turning its clean side towards the audience. Then make a bag out of the sheet and, turning it upside down, twist the corner. This will especially convince the audience that there is nothing in the bag.

Making a movement with your right hand, as if you were catching something in the air and putting an imaginary object into the bag, you put your right hand into it and quickly tear off the paper belt from one of the packs of flowers. Freed from the belt, the flowers open and fill the bag. Having invited an assistant, pour the contents of the bag onto the tray. Then do the same movements a second and third time.

The production of flowers deserves special attention. They are made from tissue paper like paper balls for the Christmas tree. The shape of flowers can be any - both spherical and elliptical. The outer petals of each flower should be made green, and the inner petals should be of different colors, but always bright. Flowers should be easy to fold when "charging" and quickly open at the right time. They achieve this with the help of an ordinary clock spring from a damaged alarm clock. Such a spring is a thin plate twisted into a spiral.

Unwinding it, cut off pieces 4-5 cm long from the spring. Each of them is bent in half. There should be as many segments of the spring as there will be colors.

Put each bent plate on the middle of the petals and seal with other petals. The outer petals of both halves of the flower are double, and the plate is laid between them. Thanks to this, the flower can be easily folded and attached to a paper sheet. Now you just have to release the flower from the belt, as it will instantly open.

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