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Fire artist. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

The performer comes out, smoking, with a newspaper in his hands; running through the newspaper, hangs it on the stand. Having dragged on, he touches a burning cigarette to a newspaper sheet in several places. Then he moves away from the newspaper to the illusion table, preparing props for a new trick. And the light, lit by a cigarette, glides over the newspaper sheet, clearly displaying the letters, which after a while form the whole phrase: "Do not smoke!" Then a portrait of a smoker with a cigarette appears (Fig. 27, A).

Focus Fire-artist
Fig. 27

Focus secret:

Newspaper, cigarette and stand - that's all the props for this trick. But the main thing in it is chemistry. You will need a solution of potassium nitrate (potassium nitrate) at the rate of 0,5 teaspoon per 1 tablespoon of warm water. The stronger the solution, the faster the light will slide over the newspaper. Letters are applied to a newspaper sheet with a brush or a special pen. The phrase should form a continuous line so that the light does not stop, sliding over the written. Therefore, the font must be thought out accordingly. The portrait should be drawn taking into account the same features.

Having applied the text to paper, one should immediately mark the points that the burning cigarette should touch, since when the composition dries, no trace of what is written is preserved on the newspaper (Fig. 27, B).

The success of the focus lies in the laid-back presentation. The magician performs it as if by the way, without focusing on the unusualness of what is happening.

If the focus is demonstrated in a small room, then after finishing it, the room must be ventilated, since saltpeter emits an unpleasant odor when burned. In a large room it is not noticeable.

Focus can be made very topical. On holidays, the performer writes words of congratulations, starting with small phrases. You can put satirical drawings on the newspaper that make fun of parasites, grabbers, bureaucrats, etc.

When demonstrating focus, you can also use white paper the size of a newspaper sheet. It is more suitable for portrait images, and the inscriptions are clearly visible on the newspaper.

Author: Akopyan A.A.

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