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Lettering on metal. Chemical experiments

Entertaining experiments in chemistry

Entertaining experiences at home / Chemistry experiments for children

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In this experience, you will learn one skillful craft - to make inscriptions on metal objects, that is, to make monograms.

First, make a few monograms on a piece of tin. To do this, clean the tin to a shine with fine-grained sandpaper. If sandpaper is not available, take two pieces of brick and, rubbing one against the other, get some red fine powder. With this powder, sprinkled on a wet cloth, rub the sheet of tin intended for the monogram, then light the alcohol burner and prepare the wax. Take a sheet of polished tin and heat it in the flame of an alcohol lamp, leaning the uncleaned side against the flame. From time to time, touch a piece of wax with a hot sheet. As soon as the wax begins to melt upon contact with the heated part, it means that the sheet of tin has warmed up enough and it can already be covered with a thin layer of wax (of course, on the cleaned side). Place a sheet of tin covered with a layer of wax on a plank or on a piece of cardboard. Pour 50 milliliters of water into a clean vessel and pour 2 grams of copper sulphate (copper sulfate). As soon as the crystals dissolve (to do this, the solution must be stirred or shaken), add 2 drops of sulfuric acid to the vessel.

Now start writing the inscription. The inscription can be done with a pen, needle or pin, engraving it in a soft wax layer. The wax layer must be removed (with a needle, pen or pin) to the very metal base. Fill the grooves engraved in wax with the prepared solution. After 2-3 minutes, the plate can be rinsed. Wax is easily removed: if the tin is slightly heated, it will come off in the form of a thin film. Heat the tin plate again, then wipe it with a cloth or paper. The inscription is ready.

It doesn't matter if your first monogram is a little crooked. Repeat the experience several times. You will learn to write smoothly, and the inscriptions will be beautiful.

Now that you have a knack for engraving lettering, you can begin to monogram your penknife and other items. To do this, wipe the blade of the knife with a cloth and cotton wool moistened with gasoline to remove grease and dirt. You already know how to proceed.

One important note. Do not use paraffin or stearin instead of wax. The fact is that neither paraffin nor stearin stick to a metal surface as well as wax. When using paraffin and stearin instead of wax, the inscription is illegible and smeared.

Author: Shkurko D.I.

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