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Does iron float? Physical experiments

Entertaining experiments in physics

Entertaining experiences at home / Physics experiments for children

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What a question? Throw a carnation, a screw, a ball from a bearing into the water - they will all immediately drown. A square cut out of tin from a tin can will also go to the bottom. It floats no better than an ax or an iron.

But try to bend the same square into a box. Look, it floats! Now you can put a carnation, a screw, and a ball in this box, it will only sink deeper, but it will not go to the bottom. And in a large iron box, an ax with an iron will be able to travel on water. Steel ships with steel guns, steel machines, steel anchors on heavy steel chains are sailing on the sea!

Does iron float?

Of course, you understand why this is so. Steel ships have air. It takes up a lot of space. Like a giant swim bladder! If you let water in instead of air, the ship will immediately sink. You can make a "shipwreck" with your tin box. Punch its bottom with a nail, and you will see how the ship that has received a hole sinks!

Author: Galpershtein L.Ya.

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The TPS7A45 includes reverse polarity protection (input) and reverse current protection (output).

The TPS7A45 is available in two package types: SOT-223 (6) and TO-263 (5). This chip will find its application in industrial devices, wireless networks and radio frequency systems.

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Regulation error: <1% (25°С);
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Output voltage range: 1,5V, 1,8V, 2,5V, 3,3V or adjustable version;
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Input protection against reverse polarity supply;
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