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Bicycle and rifle bullet. Physical experiments

Entertaining experiments in physics

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What do they have in common? Different sizes, different shapes, different purposes... And yet a bicycle and a bullet are related. They have a common relative gyroscope!

It is on the ability of the top to maintain the direction of the axis of rotation that the well-known balance of the bicycle is based. After all, each of its wheels is a spinning top lying on its side. A stationary bicycle immediately falls on its side, a rolling one keeps straight! In the circus you can often see acrobats performing all sorts of miracles on bicycles. But at the end of the last century, all bicycles were tricycles. Not only for children, but for adults too. It turns out that a children's tricycle is not the son of an "adult" bicycle. He's more like his grandfather!

And a rifle bullet also spins in flight like a top. After all, the rifle is called that because it has screw rifling in the barrel. Sweeping along the barrel, the bullet gets a quick rotational movement because of these rifling. Therefore, during the flight in the air, it will not tumble. The axis of the bullet will keep the direction that it had in the barrel. The sharp end will always look ahead!

The same is true of modern guns. Their shells also rotate like tops, and also fly with their sharp end forward. Therefore, they fly much further and hit the target much more accurately than the round balls of ancient smoothbore guns!

And smooth-bore guns, with which the infantry of all the armies of the world were armed at the beginning of the last century, are now produced only for hunting. After all, hunters shoot with shot, and at larger game - with buckshot. Slicing is useless here anyway.

Sometimes, however, a large lead bullet, the so-called zhakan, is also fired from smoothbore guns. But the range and accuracy are not great. Therefore, for hunting dangerous predators, they still use rifles, carbines and other rifled weapons.

Author: Galpershtein L.Ya.

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