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Transistors ICM7555ISA - IRF4905S. Reference data

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Model The company Usi,V Ic, A Psi,W S,mA/V Copus Type
IRC530 IR 100 14.0 88.0 4700 TO220HEX N-channel
IRC540 IR 100 28.0 150.0 5800 TO220HEX N-channel
IRC640 IR 200 18.0 125.0 6500 TO220HEX N-channel
IRC644 IR 250 14.0 125.0 6600 TO220HEX N-channel
IRC840 IR 500 8. 125.0 5400 TO220HEX N-channel
IRCZ24 IR 60 17.0 60.0 5800 TO220HEX N-channel
IRCZ34 IR 60 30.0 88.0 9400 TO220HEX N-channel
IRCZ44 IR 60 50.0 150.0 18000 TO220HEX N-channel
IRF1010N IR 55 75.0 150.0 25000 TO220AB N-channel
IRF1404 IR
IRF150 HARR 100 35.0 150.0 9000 TO204AE N-channel
IRF2807 IR
IRF3205 IR 55 98.0 150.0 42000 TO220AB N-channel
IRF3415 IR 150 43.0 150.0 19000 TO220AB N-channel
IRF350 HARR 400 14.0 150.0 TO204AE N-channel
IRF3710 IR
IRF450 HARR 500 13.0 150.0 Retro American Diner Chair TO3 N-channel
IRF4905 IR 55 74.0 200.0 21000 Retro American Diner Chair TO220 P-channel


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MSI G322CQP Concave WQHD Gaming Monitor 29.08.2022

MSI has expanded its gaming monitor family with the G322CQP, featuring Night Vision, Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light technologies to reduce eye fatigue during hours of gaming.

The novelty is made on a concave VA matrix with a diagonal of 31,5 inches and a radius of curvature of 1000R. The panel corresponds to the WQHD format, that is, it has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Brightness is 250 cd/m2, contrast ratio is 2500:1, dynamic contrast ratio is 100:000. Viewing angles horizontally and vertically reach 000 degrees.

Claimed coverage of Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, and sRGB color spaces is 89,8%, 91,6%, and 115,4%, respectively. The panel is capable of reproducing 1,07 billion colors. The screen has an anti-reflective coating.

The Night Vision system improves the visibility of dark areas of the image, which gives an advantage over rivals in the virtual space. AMD FreeSync Premium tools are responsible for improving the smoothness of the image. MPRT response time is 1ms, refresh rate is 170Hz.

The equipment includes two HDMI 2.0b interfaces, a DP 1.2a connector and a 3,5 mm audio jack. The stand allows you to adjust the angle of the screen in the range of 25 degrees and the height within 100 mm.

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