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Hair removal products. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

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Here are some recipes hair removal products.

The use of depilatory is based on the destructive effect of alkalis on the hair. Soda with regular use has a harmful effect not only on the hair, but also has a destructive effect on the skin. Slightly soluble or insoluble sulfur compounds of barium, strontium and calcium are used as alkalis for the preparation of depilatory. To these substances, as thinning and binding substances, starch flour, as well as zinc oxide, are added.

Barium sulfide, strontium or calcium in a wet state, under the action of carbon dioxide and atmospheric oxygen, turn into a soluble weak alkaline-active compound, while releasing hydrogen sulfide, unpleasantly smelling of rotten eggs, the backs of which cannot be drowned out by any fragrance. It has also been observed that the addition of certain odorous substances slows down the action of the depilatorium. It is necessary to store the depilatory in well-corked glass or tin jars and only rub it with water immediately before use. When using a depilatory, it must be borne in mind that the substance of the hair is close in its chemical composition to the substance of the skin, so the depilatory also acts on the latter. After applying the depilatory, slightly reddened or inflamed skin should immediately be lubricated with cold cream or petroleum jelly.

Immediately before use, the depilatory is rubbed with water into a slurry, this slurry is thickly smeared on a place covered with hair and, depending on the strength of the hair, after 10-30 minutes is washed off with tepid water or removed by scraping with a blunt knife.

The depilatory must be used very carefully. If a burning sensation appears, then it must be removed immediately to avoid skin inflammation. Depilatory is not a radical remedy for hair removal, because after a while they grow back, but depilatory weakens the strength of the hair and partially leads to the death of the hair follicles, as a result of which hair growth is slower.

We give several recipes for depilatory, as well as a method for preparing calcium sulfide.

1st recipe:

  • Strontium or barium sulfide 25 g;
  • Zinc oxide 25 g;
  • Rice or maize starch flour 25 g.

2st recipe:

  • Strontium sulfide 600 g;
  • Starch 300 g;
  • Zinc oxide 200 g;
  • Menthol 2 g.

The depilatorium is made by heating up to 100 sulfuric salts of barium, strontium, calcium with the addition of starch paste, which protects the skin from corrosion. For example, prepare a liquid mixture consisting of 3 g of strontium sulfide, 4 g of starch and 16 g of water, and heat it with constant stirring to 100 ° C.

On cooling, the mass takes the form of a cream.

Freshly burnt caustic lime is doused with water, and during the quenching process, the lime heats up strongly and disintegrates into powder. This powder is poured into a tall glass vessel, into which a wide glass tube is lowered, reaching to the bottom and passing through a glass or wooden lid that closes this vessel. The glass tube is connected to a gas-producing flask, which must have two necks for safety (the so-called Wolff flask). A stopper with a glass tube equipped with a rubber tube connecting the bottle with lime is inserted into one of them, and a stopper with a glass tube reaching the bottom of the bottle and ending at the top with a funnel is inserted into the other.

In this flask is placed a certain amount of iron sulfide in small pieces and water is poured so that it covers the iron to a certain height. Then, through a tube with a funnel, hydrochloric acid is carefully poured into a jar with approximately half the amount of water in the jar. Almost immediately, the release of hydrogen sulfide gas will begin, which is distinguished by the nasty smell of rotten eggs and is very poisonous, causing severe headaches, so all corks in the jar must be closed very tightly and do not allow gas to pass through the pores themselves, i.e., have pores not along the longitudinal, but along transverse axis. You can also use rubber plugs. In addition, this entire operation should be carried out either in the air (in summer), or to have an appropriate room for this, or at least a fume hood. When the evolution of gas begins to stop, very carefully pour some more acid into the jar.

Hydrogen sulfide gas will reach through the tube into a vessel with lime and will be absorbed by it, and the lime will turn into calcium sulfide. Lime is saturated when it begins to release hydrogen sulfide; then the flow of gas is stopped, for which it is best to disconnect the gas-forming flask from the vessel containing calcium sulfide, and strongly dilute the acid in the Wolff flask with water, or even shake out all its contents to a place where the escaping gas can neither interfere nor harm people. The resulting calcium sulfide is converted into a pasty mass. To do this, mix:

  • calcium sulfide 2 kg;
  • Sugar 1 kg;
  • Water 1 l;
  • Starch flour 1 kg;
  • Lemon oil 30 kg;
  • Peppermint oil 10 kg.

The resulting dough is immediately placed in a vessel that does not allow air to pass through, since calcium sulfide decomposes under the influence of air.

When used, they take a little of this mass, moisten it with water so that it is easily spread on the skin, coat the skin areas intended for hair removal, and after 10-40 minutes wash everything off with water.

This remedy, like all other hair removers, only destroys the hair, not the roots.

Dr. Thomson's Depilatory


  • 120 parts of strontium carbonate;
  • 80 parts zinc oxide;
  • 24 parts of magnesium carbonate;
  • 47 parts of wheat flour;
  • 47 parts of potato flour;
  • 3 parts lemon oil

The mixture is sifted through a fine sieve and placed in jars with ground stoppers.

Depilatory "Antidive"


  • 1 part zinc oxide;
  • 1 part starch powder;
  • 3 parts strontium sulfide.

The resulting mixture is passed through a fine sieve and placed in jars with ground stoppers.

Depilatory "Autobrit"


  • 6 parts of barium sulfide;
  • 23 parts starch powder;
  • 20 parts zinc oxide (wet);
  • 1 part soap powder.

Sieved and packed into boxes.

Kling hair removal paste

34 parts of crystalline sodium sulfide, 30 parts of calcium sulfide, 180 parts of water dissolve, with stirring, add 21 parts of glycerin, boil and gradually add to the boiling solution, stirring, a mixture of 20 parts of starch, 120 parts of water. Stir until a thick paste is formed, then add pre-melted 36 parts of palm oil, and then for every 200 parts of this paste, mix in the following perfume mixture:

  • 3 parts terpineol;
  • 2 parts bergamot oil;
  • 1 part linalool.

After complete cooling, the mass is poured into porcelain jars. Method of use. The hair to be removed is thickly smeared and rubbed with this paste, and after a while, thoroughly washed off with water. If the skin is irritated, it is smeared with petroleum jelly.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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