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Various hair products. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

Directory / Factory technology at home - simple recipes

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Here are the recipes different hair products.

Essences for hair curling

1st recipe:

  • 6 g of rosin is dissolved in 500 g of ethyl alcohol and perfumed with bergamot oil and musk.
  • Potash 15 g;
  • Ammonia 5 g;
  • Glycerin 30 g;
  • Pink oxen 750 g;
  • Orange water 200 g.

2st recipe:

  • Benzoin tincture 20 g;
  • Wine alcohol (90 °) 100 g;
  • Rosemary oil optional.

Glycerine water for hair

  • Glycerin 250 g;
  • Wine alcohol 2 kg;
  • Bergamot oil 5 g;
  • Bitter almond oil 500 g;
  • Violet root oil 3 g;
  • Balsam of Peru 25 g.

Essential oils are dissolved in wine alcohol, after which glycerin is added. Usually the liquid is dyed emerald green.

Cinchona composition for strengthening hair

  • Pure quinine 8,5 g;
  • Spanish fly tinctures 120 g;
  • Capsicum tinctures 42 g;
  • Glycerin 28 g;
  • Cinchona tincture 28 g;
  • Alcohol 1 l;
  • Water 3 l.

Mix all parts and leave to stand for 24 hours. Then pass through filter paper. Apply like any other hair strengthening product.

Water for hair "Pino"

  • Tannic acid 50 g;
  • Formaldehyde (40%) 200 g;
  • Sulfuric acid 50 g.

Mix tannic acid with formaldehyde and add sulfuric acid. The resulting reddish mass is placed in water, the water is filtered and washed in this way until traces of sulfuric acid disappear in the filtered water. The filtered mass is dried in very moderate heat. Then 5 wt. hours of this mass is dissolved in 100 wt. hours of alcohol and thus get the desired liquid. The reddish color of the liquid does not change under the influence of sunlight and does not stain the skin on the head.

Cinchona water for hair

  • Sulphate of quinine 5 g;
  • Borax powder 20 g;
  • Wine alcohol 1 kg;
  • Glycerin 100 g;
  • Rose water 300 g;
  • Water 1 l.

Dissolve quinine and borax in alcohol and add the remaining parts.

Salicylic alcohol for hair preservation

  • Salicylic acid 2 g;
  • Wine alcohol 100 g;
  • Glycerin 50 g;
  • Soap alcohol 100 g;
  • Peruvian balsam 10 g;
  • Perfume oil as desired.

Anti-dandruff liquid

  • Glycerin 100 g;
  • Green soap 250 g;
  • Betanaphthol 15 g;
  • Wine alcohol 1 kg.

Anti-dandruff remedy

  • Quinine sulfate 1,8 g;
  • Cayenne pepper tincture 7 g;
  • Spanish fly tinctures 7 g;
  • Laurel cherry water 22 g;
  • Perfume oil for smell 3 drops;
  • Alcohol 220 g.

Quinine is dissolved in cherry-laurel water, tincture of cayenne pepper and Spanish fly is added. Dissolve perfume oil in alcohol and pour both solutions together, then add water and filter.

Method of use

Rub into the scalp at night and in the morning. Repeat until dandruff disappears.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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