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Smoking candles. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

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smoking candles or "nuns" enjoy great sympathy among the people, which, perhaps, is facilitated by their extremely convenient use. In addition, they are an important subject of export to Muslim countries, where alcoholic preparations are prohibited.

The preparation of smoking candles is as follows: their constituent parts are mixed in a porcelain mortar into a plastic mass. Sticks 1 cm thick are made from the latter on a pill machine, they are cut, rolled out with a small board, like a suppository, into a pointed cone. When producing large quantities, special machines can be used. A more attractive look is given to smoking candles by powder coating with multi-colored bronze.

Here is a tried and tested recipe, borrowed from A. Klinge's collection.

  • 3500 parts of charcoal (powdered);
  • 100 parts of saltpeter (in powder);
  • 100 parts of tragacanth (in powder);
  • 3000 parts (approximately) of water.

From these products, a thick dough is prepared and added:

  • 100 pieces of styrax
  • 100 parts incense resin
  • 1 part coumarin
  • 1 part vanillin.

Smoking candles are made from the mass, as indicated above.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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