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In technical circles, there is often a need for wooden blanks that have a flat, smooth surface. It is not easy to get a sanded board - manual processing is laborious and requires a certain skill. The machine, designed in the laboratory of rocket and space modeling of the TsSYUT of the Kazakh SSR, makes it possible to mechanize the grinding of wooden parts. The design of the machine is clear from the figure. For the drive, an AOL-21-4 brand electric motor with a power of 0,27 W at 1400 rpm was used, but any other motor with similar characteristics can be used.

The working drum is machined on a lathe from steel 3. A groove is selected in it with a three-sided cutter where the emery tape will be attached with a clamping bar. The bar is inserted into the groove, then the drum is balanced. They do it this way: holes are drilled at the ends - thereby removing excess metal until it balances, that is, it rolls, say, along the edges of the rulers evenly, without beats.

Bearing housings are made of steel 3. The mounting holes in them are milled on the machine, making a special mandrel. You can also pick up ready-made cases.

Clutch discs are also machined on a lathe from steel 3. Rubber inserts are inserted into the end grooves on the discs for elastic transmission of torque. One disc is attached to the motor shaft with a locking screw; the other, movable, is seated on the sliding key of the working drum shaft. The disks are pressed against each other by a spring. Its force should be within 5-8 kgf. The pressure can be adjusted by moving the clutch disc along the motor shaft.

When the machine is assembled and adjusted, the drum is wrapped with a belt of sandpaper of the required grit. The length of the tape is equal to the perimeter of the circumference of the drum plus 15 mm for its fastening in the groove.

Bench grinder

Bench grinder
The layout of the machine parts on the bed (click to enlarge): 1 - working drum, 2 - clamping bar, 3 - M6X10 screw. 4 - bearing housing, 5 - spring, 6, 8 - clutch discs, 7 - rubber bushings, 9 - M4X8 locking screw, 10 - motor shaft, 11 - bed support, 12 - bed, 13 - working platform, 14 - axle working platform, 15 - bracket, 16 - regulator housing, 17 - regulator nut, 18 - adjusting bolt with ball head, 19 - M8X15 screw, 20 - adjusting bolt holder, 21 - bearing 204 GOST 8338-57, 22 - protective cover, G - holes for mounting the electric motor (mark in place), I - a place for a magnetic starter, K - connecting a vacuum cleaner

The thickness of the wood layer removed during sanding in one pass depends on the type of skin and is set by the adjusting nut. At the same time, the working platform, turning around a fixed axis, rises or falls.

The machine is connected to the three-phase current network as usual - through a magnetic starter with a push-button switch.

For safety reasons, it is advisable to protect the rotating parts of the machine with a protective cover. It can be made from tin or a thin aluminum sheet. The waste generated during grinding is sucked off by a stationary exhaust device. Where it is not available, you can use a household vacuum cleaner.

Authors: E.Makletsov, P.Treskunov

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