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carabiner brake - a system of carabiners and ropes, intended mainly for rescue work, when it is necessary to ensure the etching of loaded ropes by one or two people.

Any braking device consists of a "frame" and a "crossbar" against which the rope is rubbed. The rope "enters" the "frame", goes around the "crossbar", "leaves" the "frame". In our case, the "frame" will be one carabiner, and the "crossbar" - the other.

A carabiner is attached to the point of insurance (Fig. 44). He will act as a guide.

The second carabiner is fastened on it and muffled (Fig. 45). This will be a "frame" carbine.

A rope folded in half is passed through it (Fig. 46).

A carabiner is fastened into the loop formed, it is also fastened to the outgoing end of the rope (the one that will leave the brake (Fig. 47). This third carabiner plays the role of a "crossbar".

The carabiner brake is ready (Fig. 48). After assembling the carabiner brake, all carabiners must be coupled.

Attention! Pay attention to the location of the latches of the carabiners!!! It is possible to press the rope to the carabiner couplings during its movement. The moving rope must not unmuff the carabiners.

If the insurers let go of the rope, it will go down under load. To prevent this from happening, the cargo rope is insured with a grasping knot (a grasping knot from a double cord is used on a double rope), which is knitted after (along the rope) a carabiner brake (Fig. 49).

Grasping in the process of work is regularly moved to the carabiner brake. However, if the spotters make a mistake and the grasper is delayed, then it will not be easy to correct the situation. Either you need to have the assembled chain hoist ready, or fasten the grasping one not directly to the insurance point, but to the emergency system (to the chain hoist (Fig. 41) or to the loaded rope etching scheme (Fig. 38).

Fig. 38

Authors: Rastorguev M.V., Sitnikova S.A.

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