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Secrets of repairing household radio-electronic equipment

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Fault: Automatic switching from stereo to mono.

Remedy: Adjust by manual tracking in one direction or another, if the device stops switching, then the synchronization head may not be accurately adjusted. Change the position (height) of the tape guides located on the left and right of the drum with video heads.


Fault: When the tape recorder is operating, the cassette eject button is pressed and the tape recorder tries to perform the operation, but, without completing it, it freezes and all buttons are blocked. After turning the power off/on, the cassette ejects.

Remedy: Possibly contamination of the command device. It is located under the tape drive mechanism. It should be removed, washed with alcohol, lubricated and assembled. Or the loader/unloader is defective. The bushing on the shaft of the loading / unloading motor bursts, it starts to slip and the machine enters the blocking mode with an error indication on the F03 display. It is also possible that there is sparking of the brush contacts on the load motor manifold, which leads to the processor freezing, then it is necessary to shunt the outputs of the load motor with a capacity of 0.1 microfarads.


Fault: Arbitrarily goes into standby mode, the cassette is not ejected.

Remedy: Clean and lubricate the program gear.


Fault: On the TV screen, wide white stripes of 15-20% of the image size fall vertically, lines are knocked out, the sound floats.

Remedy: The high-voltage capacitor at the output of the diode bridge at the network input of the switching power supply is damaged.


Fault: Autotracking does not stop during playback (it constantly works, passing the optimum), therefore it reproduces with varying success

Remedy: Check the signal flow from the synchronizing head. Possibly poor contact, head contamination, break in the loop, dried electrolytes, are there any mud rims on the drive motor shaft, etc. If the bushings on the drive motor are broken, then the tape can “walk” up and down the sync head or even pass above it .

LG W162W

Fault: When loading a cassette, periodic loading and unloading occurs. When removing the top case cover, the video player works normally

Remedy: The central infrared sensor has failed.


Malfunction: At regular intervals (10 seconds), the tape stops in the tape recorder in all modes, both during playback, recording, rewinding.

Remedy: Check if the pause mode turns off. If not, then most likely the problem is with the reel sensor (sensors for controlling the movement of the cassette). It is necessary to check its power circuits, whether it is clean (optocoupler), clean the reflective sectors on the cassette. The sensor may need to be replaced.


Problem: All functions work except tape rewind. When you turn on the rewind 2-3 sec. engine running is heard, then it turns off

Remedy: Clean command device.


Fault: Video and sound playback is normal, but as soon as the device is put into standby mode and turned on again, noise appears on the image at the top of the screen or at the bottom, or there may be no image at all, while the sound is normal.

Remedy: Replace the Hall sensor in the BVG.


Malfunction: After some time after the start of the run, the device stops, after that it does not respond to any command. After a complete shutdown (everything is restored for a while), and then everything repeats from the beginning. Cleaning the programmer did nothing.

Remedy: Check the power supply of the device as a whole. It is possible that the capacitance has dried up in the secondary circuits, in the rectifier, especially 5 V), or in the rectifier of the PSU primary circuit. The protection in the power supply may work. High-resistance resistors, chokes, capacitors should be checked. Check power to control circuits. Perhaps cracks in the conductors on the board at the attachment points of the broach.


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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera 09.09.2016

Garmin has announced the VIRB Ultra 30 compact camera, designed for athletes, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The novelty is capable of recording videos in Ultra HD / 4K format at 30 frames per second. When the quality is reduced to Full HD, the speed increases to 120 frames per second. In addition, you can take 12-megapixel photos.

The device is endowed with a fairly rich set of sensors. There is a gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, electronic compass and a highly sensitive GPS receiver. The equipment also includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless adapters. A three-axis image stabilization system is provided. MicroSD cards are used as storage media.

The control can be carried out through a touch screen with a diagonal of 1,75 inches. In addition, voice commands are supported. The companion VIRB app lets you turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control.

Action camera dimensions are 57,5 x 45,9 x 31,3 mm. When placed in a sealed case that provides the ability to dive to a depth of 40 meters, the dimensions increase to 79,0 x 75,5 x 39,9 mm.

The price of the novelty is 500 US dollars.

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