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Fault: Doesn't render color balance correctly. Purple-red tones predominate, although there is no complete absence of green or blue tones. This is especially pronounced in the first minute or two after switching on, then the balance is restored, as it were, but not completely. Replacing the light filter in front of the matrix did not give a result

Remedy: Probably one of the electrolytic capacitors has failed. To check, connect a serviceable capacitor in series in parallel with the capacitors of the device (except for oxide-semiconductor ones). LF generator, to start with 200 Hz, no more than 500 mV ampl. (so that the transitions of semiconductors are not affected), through the resistor (in total with the Rout of the generator no more than 1KΩ and not less than 100 Ohms), apply a signal to the oscilloscope (or voltmeter). In parallel with the oscilloscope, connect a capacitor that is known to be good. The signal should drop. Tweak the frequency so that a quarter remains. Disconnect the serviceable one and connect, without soldering from the board, the capacitor being checked. If more than a third of the signal remains, then the capacitor needs to be replaced. You can use a square wave signal, for example from a calibrator. In this test, the board should not be connected to arc equipment that is connected to the network and does not have a common ground with your generator / oscilloscope, because. between the cases of some devices there is a voltage of a solid value (due to filters).


Problem: The cassette being inserted is ejected backwards. Without a cassette, the LPM works properly.

Remedy: Check the cable and connector of the BVG, power supply.


Fault: Reduced battery capacity.

Remedy: Dismantle the plastic case, remove the stopper pressure plate (transparent), open the stoppers and add distilled water with a pipette (do not overfill).


Problem: Short horizontal stripes appear on the image during playback. The camera records without bands, because there are no bands on the VCR, but when playing back from the VCR, the clarity of the image is sharply lost and a background appears on the sound. There are also stripes in the eyepiece of the viewfinder.

Remedy: Carefully remove the head, after unscrewing the current collector from above. To do this, take the base of the head (upper drum) with clean fingers and pull it upwards to remove it from the axis of the druma. Do not remove the screws (3 pcs.) from the top to avoid damage to the druma winding. Next, put a drop of liquid lubricant on the top of the druma axle, which works well at high speeds (you can use oil from an automatic transmission). Carefully place the head back on the axle. Use alcohol to clean the contact between the current collector and the drum motor. Do not use!


Malfunction: Pressing the Eject button does not open the cassette, and when you press the play or rewind key, the SERVO motor starts to work, after which the cassette opens.

Remedy: Place the cassette not from the beginning of the film, but so that the right and left film cassettes are approximately equal. When the cassette is initially turned on, the film must rotate a few turns back and forth - the explosives and the receiving-supply spools are tested, if rotation does not occur, then the situation is considered emergency and the cassette is given back. Replace the rubber belt, rinse the plastic pulley with alcohol - dirt accumulates on it, contributing to slippage. Disassemble the gears with friction pads - clean and loosen the felt, stretch the springs a little.


Fault: Worn battery.

Remedy: Pour distilled water and drops 5 into the opened battery. Next, perform desulfation: charge with a current of 1/10 of the battery capacity, discharge with a current of 1/10 to a voltage of 1,9 volts per can, charge again and so on two or three times. When discharging, multiplying the battery current by the discharge time shows the capacity of the battery. An indicator of a full charge is abundant gas evolution.


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All Samsung electronics will be equipped with artificial intelligence 02.06.2018

Kim Hyun-suk, head of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics, said in a recent interview that in a couple of years, all of the company's electronics and home appliances will be able to communicate with users.

Samsung has set an ambitious goal for itself: by 2020, absolutely all of the company's electronic and household products will be connected to the Internet and will be equipped with artificial intelligence systems.

By this time, the staff of the Samsung Research division will be increased to 1000 people. Samsung wants to change the rules of the game in the artificial intelligence industry by opening three new centers.

The Samsung Bixby personal assistant, which was introduced more than a year ago, is still noticeably inferior to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in terms of voice recognition and functionality. Perhaps the situation will change with the release of Bixby 2.0, which should debut in the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

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