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Labor protection for drivers. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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The peculiarity of the work activity of drivers is that it is connected with a car, which, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is a source of increased danger to others. In this regard, depending on the type of car, labor protection instructions are also adopted for drivers, which include safety requirements.

The basic rule is to limit the age at which a person is allowed to drive a car. In accordance with the current legislation, persons at least 18 years of age who have passed a medical examination, training (courses), and have a certificate issued by the State Traffic Inspectorate for the right to drive a car of this category are allowed to drive cars.

Drivers who are at least 21 years old with at least three years of continuous driving experience, recognized as fit for this job by a medical commission, and who have a driver’s license with category “D” are allowed to drive trucks intended for transporting people. Drivers are allowed to perform work only after undergoing an introductory (general) briefing on labor safety, industrial sanitation, provision of first aid, fire safety, environmental requirements, working conditions and initial safety training directly at the workplace, about which notes must be made in relevant journals with the obligatory signature of the instructed and instructing.

Before leaving for work, the driver must check:

  • possession of a driving license;
  • the correctness of filling out the order - tasks (waybill) and sign it;
  • technical serviceability of the machine, which guarantees the safety of work;
  • the serviceability of the operation of the brakes, clutch, friction clutches, gearboxes;
  • reliability of fastening of levers and steering rods, as well as steering play;
  • tire condition and pressure;
  • serviceability of lighting devices, brake light, direction indicators, sound (alert) signal;
  • no leakage of fuel, oil, water, antifreeze;
  • availability of tools, accessories and portable emergency stop signs, as well as signal warning signs (orange or yellow flashing beacon, red flag or shield) installed on the transport and harvester when working on the platform;
  • filling the car with fuel, oil, water, antifreeze and brake fluid;
  • electrolyte level in batteries;
  • availability and serviceability of blocking and other devices.

Author: Bobkova O.V.

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