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Artificial coloring of flowers. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

Flowers are painted in amazing shades.

Focus secret:

Sulfurous acid, due to its deoxidizing properties, discolors most flowers in roses, such as roses, periwinkles, violets, etc. This experiment succeeds extremely well with the apparatus shown here. Sulfur is melted in a small porcelain crucible (cup), which, when combined with atmospheric oxygen, ignites and gives sulfuric acid; for better action of the sulphurous fumes, the crucible is covered with a thin, conical copper tube, the narrow end of which faces the colors to be tested.

The action of the acid makes itself felt immediately; in a few seconds, roses, periwinkles, violets, ivan da marya, and others turn completely white.

Here's another experience:

Pouring ordinary ether into a glass and adding 1/10 part (by volume) of ammonia to it, we will load the test flowers into the resulting mixture. Some of the flowers that are purple or single in nature, take on an instant bright green color. These include: pinkish crane or geranium, purple periwinkle, purple night violet and yarutka, single and red roses, magona levkoy, thyme, little bluebell, fume, forget-me-not and heliotrope. Other flowers, the color of which is not the same everywhere, take on more or less different shades from the action of a mixture of ammonia and ether.

The top purple sweet pea petal turns blue, while the bottom turns a pale green. White flowers usually turn yellow. These are for example: white poppy, striped gills turning yellow and deep purple; white rose turns fawn, white columbine, black root, chamomile, fragrant mock orange, daisy, potato, night violet, honeysuckle, bean flowers, meadowsweet, foxglove, etc. All of them, in contact with ammoniacal ether, take on a dark yellow color. White gills turn yellow and deep orange.

In one-time sweet peas, the upper petal turns blue, and the lower one turns green in a very delicate shade; one-time geraniums or cranes are made blue; in sponges, ammonia ether acts only on red spots, which turn brown-green; red gill takes on a lovely brown color with a metallic sheen; valerian takes on a grayish tint, and red poppy turns deep purple.

Ammonia ether does not affect yellow flowers:

Buttercup, marigold, walleye, etc., when immersed in this liquid, retain their natural color. To end this chapter, here is a description of one trick that astonishes the audience despite its simplicity and simplicity. You need to take a completely transparent glass, cover it with a saucer and announce that, being at a certain distance, you can force the smoke from a cigarette to penetrate into it.

Which in reality will come true: as soon as you light a cigarette, the glass, as if at the behest of a magician, will begin to fill with thick white smoke. This is a very easy trick. Put two or three drops of hydrochloric acid into a glass and moisten the bottom of the saucer with which it is covered with ammonia - that's all the preparations: both liquids form here two thin layers, completely invisible to the eye, but quite sufficient for a chemical reaction to occur. When the glass is covered with a saucer, white ammonia vapors will appear in it, very similar in light to tobacco smoke.

Let's say a few more words about the metal so well known to everyone - iron, which can also serve in some way or tricks.

Iron, in its prevalence and in its importance in modern life, is indeed the most important metal. Its malleability, softness, density and cheapness make iron indispensable in some areas of technology and industry. The only inconvenience is the strong affinity of iron for oxygen.

Everyone probably knows that iron rusts from the action of moist air; covered with a reddish coating. This plaque is the product of combining iron with oxygen, or iron oxide, to give the red dye known in the community as mummies. Iron is oxidized even more vigorously under the influence of heat. If, for example, iron filings are poured into the flame of an ordinary candle, blown by a pipe, little by little, then they, oxidized from the heat, heat up to white and sparkle with a dazzling light.

The following experience is no less interesting. We will heat an iron nail attached to a wire to white, and we will quickly rotate it, like a stone on a rope. We will then see that thousands of brilliant sparks will fly from the nail in all directions. In a highly crushed form, iron ignites even without any calcination, from the mere contact with air.

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