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Fire paints a picture. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

An ordinary newspaper is attached to a fireproof stand. If it is carefully set on fire, it will burn, but not all. The stand will be left with a clear newspaper appliqué of your chosen design (such as a moon or a flower).

Focus secret:

How to achieve this? Requires advance preparation. Make a stencil of an object whose silhouette is pronounced. Apply the stencil to the newspaper and thoroughly soak the entire volume with a solution of natural alum. They will give the newspaper fire resistance. Pin the newspaper to the stand. The solution is not visible after drying. Push the button into the upper part of the silhouette. Bring a burning match from below - the newspaper will burn, and the impregnated silhouette will remain intact.

If you add potassium nitrate to the alum solution and turn off the light, your application will sparkle in the dark.

Author: V.Postolaty

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