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The appearance and disappearance of burning candles. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

Directory / Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

A burning candle is in the performer's hand. He covers it for a second with his other hand - and next to the first, a second burning candle appears, which the performer holds between his index and middle fingers. Another moment - and a third burning candle appears between the artist's middle and ring fingers, followed by a fourth, which fits between the ring finger and little finger (Fig. 36, A).

Focus Appearance and disappearance of burning candles
Fig. 36

Then the burning candles in the hands of the performer disappear as quickly as they appeared. As soon as the performer covers the candle for a second with the palm of his free hand, the candle disappears without a trace. Moreover, the audience always sees the hand of the performer from both sides - there is nothing in it. However, all three burning candles disappeared instantly. When only one candle remains in the performer's hand, he calmly extinguishes it and places it on the illusion table.

Focus secret:

All four candles with a secret. They are made of thin tin and painted with white paint.

The length of each candle is 10 cm, the diameter of the first is 2,5 cm, and the diameter of each subsequent one is 1 mm less than the previous one. All four candles are hollow; from the side facing the audience, they are convex, and from the side of the performer, they are concave. Each candle has the form of a sleeve, cut vertically. Only the bottom remains intact.

On the inside of each candle, a wick and a piece of stearin are attached to the upper end (Fig. 36, B). All four candles are fastened together with metal shackles. The first candle (it serves as a case for the other three) is soldered to a secret fingertip. The fingertip is made of the same metal as the candle, but in a shape corresponding to the thumb of the performer, and painted in solid color (Fig. 36, B).

Before demonstrating the focus, candles are inserted one into the other. The performer puts on a fingertip on the thumb, and holds the candle with the index finger. Now it remains only to light a candle, and you can start demonstrating the trick. Each time covering a burning candle with his free hand, the performer at this time quickly removes the next candle from it. All candles appear before the audience lit, as their wicks burn with a single flame and continue to burn when separated.

In the same way, the disappearance of candles is performed.

Having finished demonstrating the trick, the performer shifts the candle along with the fingertip (covering it with the palm of his hand) into his free hand. Having extinguished the candle, he puts it on the table so that the audience does not unravel the secret of the trick.

Author: Akopyan A.A.

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