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Fire prints letters on the newspaper. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

Directory / Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

The magician takes the newspaper, carefully looks through it, goes to the stand and fix the newspaper on it. Then he lights a cigarette, taking a couple of puffs, in several places he touches a burning cigarette to a newspaper sheet and leaves.

There will be a revival in the hall: the flame from a lit cigarette began to slide over the newspaper sheet, clearly displaying the letters. And now the letters form a whole phrase: "Smoking shortens life." Then came the picture of the smoking cigarette itself. How did the drawing on the newspaper appear from the touch of a cigarette?

Focus secret:

A newspaper, a cigarette and a coaster - at first glance, and all the props for the trick. But chemistry plays a major role in the focus. You will need a solution of potassium nitrate (potassium nitrate) at the rate of 0,5 teaspoon per tablespoon of warm water.

The stronger the solution, the faster the light will slide over the newspaper. Letters are applied to a newspaper sheet with a brush or a special pen. The phrase should form a continuous line so that the light, moving forward, does not stop. Therefore, the font must be thought out accordingly. The image of a burning cigarette should be drawn with the same conditions in mind.

Before applying the composition to the newspaper, it is necessary to carefully check the possibility of sliding the fire through the letters. Having applied the text and the contours of a burning cigarette to paper, one should immediately mark the points that the burning cigarette should touch, since when the composition dries on the newspaper, no trace of what is written will remain.

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