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Flammable water. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

The magician warns the audience that he can do the opposite of what happens when putting out a fire, that is, he will water the tree so that it catches fire. The artist takes a vessel with water and pours it on the firewood laid out in the stove or fireplace: in a few minutes they light up.

Focus secret:

Pour fresh quicklime into the stove and put firewood on the sprinkled place, sprinkling each log with lime. Firewood must be completely dry from easily igniting wood, e.g. spruce, pine or birch and split into thin logs.

From below, as with ordinary masonry, it does not interfere with placing a few small chips, also sprinkled with lime. The heat developed from extinguishing the lime will ignite the firewood.

If the trick is performed in the fireplace, then first lay a small amount of firewood flat, sprinkling it with lime according to the previous one, then place the firewood on them vertically without pouring. Water the bottom ones. In the absence of fresh quicklime, ignite a piece of chalk in a hot oven or other high fire and store in a very dry and even hot place.

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