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Break test. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

Take a newspaper and show the audience how easy it is to tear off even strips from it. Invite the audience to try it too. Even help them - make a tear in the newspaper, and let them continue to tear it in the same place. Their gaps will be completely uneven, although every time you get them perfectly even again.

Focus secret:

Before starting to show the focus, carefully inspect the edges of the newspaper. You should always start tearing from the zigzag edge of the newspaper, and force the audience to tear from the flat edge.

Focus Break test

Paper is made from tiny fibers of wood that are wet-laid onto a conveyor belt to dry. As the belt moves, the fibers are pulled out and straightened. If you tear the paper along the fibers, the tear is even and straight, but if you tear it across the fibers, the tear line is deflected by the fibers to the side.

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