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How to firmly and securely fix a wooden workpiece during its processing? There are such wedge vise applicable for both small parts and long boards.

The device can be made at home. A groove is hollowed out on the right side of the board. To its edges, flush with the upper edge, the guide strips are firmly screwed. Between them, two wedges are inserted into the groove. A metal visor with teeth is embedded in one, with which it must dig into the end face of the workpiece. Another wedge acts as a lock. It firmly holds the wedge with the visor in a fixed position, the wedges, as well as the guide bars, must be made of solid wood, namely beech, oak.

Wedge instead of vise

The part is fixed and released from the clamp with light blows of a hammer sliding along special cutouts made for this on the wedges.

The second stop for the workpiece is a pin with an iron comb. It is inserted into one of the nests hollowed out in the board.

In order to be able to fasten parts of different lengths, the distance between adjacent nests should not exceed the length of the groove.

When processing thin parts on a workbench, the protruding parts of the wedges and checks should not rise above the plane by more than 10 mm. Otherwise, it is difficult to rigidly fix the workpiece.

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