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Figure 17 shows a schematic diagram of an oscillator that can be used to tune the intermediate frequency path in radio receivers for various purposes. The frequency of the output signal of the generator - fp=465 kHz * - is set by the quartz resonator ZQ1, and its amplitude - not less than 2 V - depends on the voltage of the power supply Upit.

All resistors in the generator are of the MLT-0,125 type, KM-6 capacitors or the like. Transistor VT1 - almost any npn that has a current gain of at least 100 and a cutoff frequency of at least 100 MHz.

Generator for tuning the IF path of the radio receiver
Rice. 17. Generator for tuning the IF path of the radio receiver

The generator does not require adjustment. To maintain a good waveform at Upitі10 V, it will be necessary, perhaps, only to slightly increase the capacitance of the capacitor C2 (up to 6200 .... 6800 pF).

With such an amplitude of the output signal, the generator may not be connected to the radio receiver - it is enough just to bring them closer. But the output signal level can be reduced, brought to the desired level. So, for example, as shown in Fig. 18. But in this case, the generator itself will need to be placed on the screen (a fragment of it is shown by the dashed line), otherwise the pickups "through the air" will not allow a signal of a sufficiently low level to be obtained at its output. With good shielding of all circuits, the resistor divider can be made stepwise (Fig. 19), the output signal of which can be reduced, if necessary, to fractions of a microvolt. The calculation of such divisors is described in [1].

Generator for tuning the IF path of the radio receiver
Rice. 18. Simple output voltage divider

Generator for tuning the IF path of the radio receiver
Rice. 19. Stepped output voltage divider

*) The carrier of the IF path fp=465 kHz is a domestic standard. In foreign communications technology, more often fp = 455 kHz. To set up such equipment in the generator, you only need to change the quartz resonator.


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