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Solid state relays AC 400 volts 10 ohms. Encyclopedia of radio electronics and electrical engineering

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- switched voltage 400V
- switching current 100mA
- control current 10 mA
-1500V isolation voltage
-8-pin DIP package


- replacement of electromagnetic relays
- telecommunications technology
- logical interface
Pin assignment

Recommended wiring diagram


Parameter name Ref. U
minutes. Know
a type.
Max. Measurement mode
Input voltage Uin В 1.1 1.3 1.6 Iin=10mA
Ex. open resistance comp. Ron Om - 10 20 Iin=10mA Iout=100mA
Leakage current in closed state. Iut μA - 0.1 100 Uin=0.8V Uout=400V
Insulation voltage Uiz В 1500 - - T=1min
Insulation resistance Riz Om - 11
- -
Ex. capacity off able Spr pF - 10 - Uout=60V
On time Tvkl ms - 1 - Uout=200V
Shutdown time Tvyk. ms - 4 - Uout=200V


Mode Options Ed. amend. Min. Max. Note
Switching voltage В -0.5 400 -
Switching current mA - 100 -
In. on-state current mA 10 25 -
In. impulse current mA - 150 Timp=100µs
In. off voltage В -3.5 0.8 -
Switching frequency Hz - 50 -
Slave. temperature range С -45 85 -

Author: Zeshkov Yu., Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk region; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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