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On the basis of only two cheap integrated timers of the type 555 (KR1006VI1), it is possible to assemble an inexpensive car anti-theft system. Its schematic diagram is shown in the figure.

car anti-theft system

Integral timer A gives the shutter speed necessary for the driver, getting into the car, to have time to turn off the anti-theft system. This eliminates the need for an external system switch. The thyristor prevents the timer B from tripping, except from the sensors-switches located at the vulnerable points of the machine.

Timer A performs a dual function - it provides an exposure time (it is approximately equal to 1,1 RaCa), sufficient not only for the driver, having turned on the anti-theft system, to get out of the car, but also for him, after getting into the car, managed to turn off the system. Thanks to this exposure time, it is eliminated the need to install a special switch outside the car, which is always inconvenient, not to mention the fact that an attacker can always find this switch. In this case, the toggle switch for turning the system on and off can be hidden somewhere behind the dashboard of the car.

When the system is turned off, timer B is started by the decay of the output pulse of timer A. When the system is turned on, the thyristor allows timer B to be started only by the operation of one of the sensors - grounding-type switches located at vulnerable points of the machine.

Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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