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Theatrical makeup. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

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Here are some recipes theatrical makeup:

I. White


  • 8 parts of purified chalk powder;
  • 8 parts zinc oxide;
  • 8 parts basic nitrogen bismuth salt;
  • 8 parts of asbestos in powder;
  • 5 parts almond oil.

II. Pink colour


  • 200 parts zinc oxide;
  • 200 parts basic nitrogen bismuth salt;
  • 200 parts of asbestos in powder;
  • 80 parts of almond oil;
  • 1 part eosin.

III. Of red color


  • 30 parts zinc oxide;
  • 30 parts basic nitrogen bismuth salt;
  • 30 parts of asbestos in powder;
  • 11 parts almond butter

and add a solution of 1 part carmine, 4 parts ammonia.

IV. flesh color


  • 8 parts of cinnabar;
  • 5 parts tincture of saffron;
  • 14 parts orris root (powdered)
  • 53 parts of purified chalk (in powder);
  • 53 parts of zinc oxide;
  • 16 parts almond oil.

V. Black

The soot that comes from the burning of camphor is washed many times with alcohol, and when it is completely dry it is triturated with almond oil, melted cocoa butter is added and poured out in the form of sticks.

VI. Bluish color (for painting veins on the hands and face)

  • 1 part camphor soot;
  • 5 parts Prussian blue;
  • 50-80 parts of talc;
  • 3 parts gum arabic

mixed with water to form a paste and poured in the form of sticks.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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