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Secrets of repairing household radio-electronic equipment

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If you want to clean the program switch contacts on the camcorder without disassembling it, the KONTAKT PRF7-78 fluid manufactured by TAEROSOL (Fin) amazingly helps. I inject through a thin tube (complete with a balloon) directly into the prog gap. gears. The penetrating power, washing and lubricating properties are simply amazing. Eternally wheezing volume controls in domestic equipment begin to work like new.

When repairing video equipment (tape recorder, player) there is a breakdown such as there is no image viewing back, viewing modes, rewinds, etc. are not always turned on. REASON - often it is simply necessary to wipe the contacts with alcohol on the command gear located on the LPM, lubricate again (I use panasonic grease).

When repairing a UPS both imported and Soviet TVs and video cards (especially if the power transistor knocks out, the fuse or safety resistor burns out), I recommend connecting a 40-100W light bulb later, depending on the power of the TV. If the problem has been corrected, the light should almost go out after a short period of time. If it continues to burn, you have the opportunity to test sections of the power supply circuit under pressure without risking breaking through another transistor.

Wherever applicable m / s ULF: the output is almost supply voltage, m / s is not heated - look for an electrolytic capacitor in a harness with a high leakage current!

How to quickly check if the handset or base transmitter is working.

Make a few turns around the antenna with a wire marked * on the tester, if the transmitter works, the arrow will deviate to the right, but there is one feature - you need to experimentally find the measurement limit and the type of current.

Power supply protection.

The most common malfunction in imported TVs is the failure of the power supply. After searching for faulty elements and replacing them, it is necessary to check the performance of the power supply. In order to prevent the expensive components of the power supply from burning out again, it is necessary to turn on a 220 volt 150-200 watt incandescent lamp in series. In the event of a short circuit, the lamp will glow brightly, the resistance of the filament will increase, and the current passing through the powerful transistor of the power supply will not exceed the value necessary for its breakdown. It is necessary to continue searching for faulty elements. If the lamp is illuminated a little or burns half-heartedly, then the power supply is working.

Feature phones do not ring on paired numbers.

It is treated as follows - the resistance of the resistor in the circuit separating capacitance - quenching resistor - chime of the call decreases. In the original, there is a resistor from 6 kOhm to 22 kOhm. And in each case, an individual selection is required. The spread is quite wide from 4 ohms to 330 ohms. The upper limit is determined by the sensitivity of the call according to the call itself, and the lower limit is determined by the response to dialing by your own dialer.

The device hooks up the line, there is no set.

Measure the resistance of the line wires towards the device with an ohmmeter, it is hundreds of ohms, immediately find the reed relay, check the contacts in it, they are probably stuck. If so, feel free to change it to RES-55.

Sound adaptation in imported TVs

Option 1. You need to find a point in the circuit where the low-frequency sound signal goes, tear it off from the signal source, and send an audio signal there from the UPCHZ-2, which should be installed somewhere with a "canopy". UPCHZ-2 is powered by 9-12v, which is also not a problem to find, a video signal is fed to it through a capacitance of 50-100 peaks.

Option 2. Find IF sound filters (5.5 MHz, 2 pieces) and replace them with domestic 6.5 MHz ones.

A few words about remotes

As practice has shown, either the matrix of buttons fails in the consoles, or the LED "sits down". At the last fault, the LED changes and, if necessary, a limiting resistor is selected. It is better to replace the button matrix, although some craftsmen put foil under the buttons, etc.

How to launch MP-3-3, MP-1 on duty.

It is necessary to solder a capacitor between the collector and the base of the transistor, which is in the stabilization circuit (start with 470 pF, up to 4-10 nF, until you achieve a stable duty room). It also helps to increase the capacitance of the power supply rectifier filter for this very stabilizer.

Memory 12V+

In modern car radios, several power wires are used: to power the power amplifier, to turn on the backlight when the car's dimensions are turned on, to power the memory, etc. the wire that feeds the power amplifier usually has a thick section and a powerful fuse is installed on it - this is the main power supply for the car radio. Usually this is medium and high-end equipment with a digital tuning scale and memory, where information about tuning the radio receiver at the station is entered, which allows you to search for stations by dialing only the station number (button). Another option where an additional wire is used is receivers with the ability to code and in order not to enter an access code every time it is turned on, a memory chip is used that is powered by a battery with a separate wire (it can be yellow or red, but of small section). From this it follows: in order for the car radio to work correctly, it is necessary to connect a thin power wire directly (without any switching), this is the "Memory 12V +" wire to the battery, and a thick wire can be connected through switching elements like an ignition switch or an additional switch.


Latest news of science and technology, new electronics:

Improving the efficiency of PbS quantum dot solar cells 14.06.2024

The latest solar technology research represents a significant breakthrough in improving the efficiency of PbS quantum dot solar cells. This method, based on the use of pulsed light, offers promise for simplifying the production and expanding the applications of these cells. A research team from the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology has developed an innovative method that uses pulsed light to improve the electrical conductivity of PbS solar cells. This method can significantly reduce the processing time required to achieve similar results. PbS quantum dot solar cells have significant potential in solar technology due to their photovoltaic properties. However, the formation of defects on their surface can reduce their performance. The new method helps suppress defect formation and improve electrical conductivity. Using strong light to complete the process ... >>

Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh 14.06.2024

Huawei introduces a convenient and multifunctional charger to the market - Huawei SuperCharge All-in-One Magnetic Power Bank. This magnetic battery allows you to quickly and conveniently charge your Huawei phone anywhere, anytime. With a thickness of just 11,26 mm and a weight of 141 grams, this portable power bank fits easily into a pocket or bag, making it ideal for travel and everyday use. Despite its compact size, this battery provides enough power to charge your phone on the go. The new product supports wired charging with a power of 25 W and wireless charging up to 15 W (and up to 30 W when connected to an adapter), providing fast charging for both the power bank itself and other devices. The battery is compatible with various fast charging protocols such as SCP, UFCS and PD, making it ideal for a wide range of devices. The power bank is also compatible with Huawei phones that support wireless charging. ... >>

Changes in a father's brain after the birth of a child 13.06.2024

A recent study conducted by scientists from the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found interesting changes in the brains of men after becoming fathers. These changes were associated with involvement in child care, sleep problems, and mental health symptoms. Scientists found that men who became fathers experienced a loss of brain volume after giving birth. This volume loss was associated with greater involvement in parenting, sleep problems, and mental health symptoms. Researchers have found significant changes in men's brains between the prenatal and postnatal periods. In particular, there was a loss of gray matter volume, especially in parts of the brain responsible for higher functions such as language, memory, problem solving and decision making. Men who paid more attention to their children and spent more time with them lost more gray matter in their brains. This also affected their mental health ... >>

Random news from the Archive

Development of the 6G communication standard 07.11.2021

An international team of researchers from Japan and Finland will work to create technologies and standards for the sixth generation of wireless communications, commonly known as 6G, as part of a joint research agreement between the two countries.

At a time when more people than ever rely on telecommunications for various aspects of their lives, many feel that we must accelerate the development of communications technology. A key aspect of this technology is how people and machines communicate wirelessly. To open up a new generation of wireless communication, international cooperation is needed, as common standards encourage their adoption.

To this end, Japan and Finland have launched a bilateral partnership through cooperation between the University of Tokyo and the University of Oulu in Finland. Over the next few years, a roadmap for the 6G standard will be created and research on technology components will be carried out.

Matti Latva-aho - Academy Professor at the University of Oulu and Director of the 6G Flagship National Research Program in Finland - has been appointed Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo. He will cooperate with Professor Akihiro Nakao of UTokyo Graduate School of Engineering and their team will work on the research and development of future 6G technologies and technical standards.

"It's not just about faster speeds and faster response, although those things will be improved," said Nakao. networks and much more. In everyday life, all this means that people will be more comfortable communicating with each other, as well as interacting with services and devices. "

Some areas of life where 6G technology could be useful include healthcare, where low-power embedded sensors can relay real-time health data to physicians or expert systems, or even respond to natural disasters, as integration with satellite platforms means that if ground-based the infrastructure will be damaged, then it will be possible to maintain important communication. This is especially important in countries such as Japan, where earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and even volcanic eruptions are a very real danger affecting people's lives.

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