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Directory / Winged words, phraseological units / It's too early for us to die - we still have things to do at home

Winged words, phraseological units. Meaning, history of origin, examples of use

Winged words, phraseological units

Directory / Winged words, phraseological units

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It's too early for us to die - we still have things to do at home


Phraseologism: It's too early for us to die - we still have things to do at home.

Meaning: Not everything has yet been done in this life to think about retirement, retirement, etc. (jokingly ironically).

Origin: From the song "Front Path" (another version of the title is "Song of the Front Driver", 1946), written by composer Boris Mokrousov (1909-1968) to poems by poets Boris Laskin (1914-1983) and Naum Davidovich Labovsky (1908-1989): " Oh, the front-line path! // Any bombing is not terrible for us. // It's too early for us to die // - We still have things to do at home."

Random phraseology:

Watch from your bell tower.


Judging someone, something only from their personal positions, from the point of view of local needs, is one-sided (about limitedness, narrowness of views, horizons) (disapproved).


The expression is actually Russian, but appeared, according to one version, under the influence of French. "patriotisme du clocher" - "local patriotism" (literally "bell tower patriotism"). The word "clocher" - "bell tower" in French in a number of phraseological units symbolizes parochial, narrow interests, petty-bourgeois limitations. According to another version, the expression is associated with the use of bell towers in Russian villages. Since the bell tower was the tallest building, it served in the old days as an observation and guard post. From the bell tower one could notice a fire or the approach of enemies, and by striking the bell - to warn of danger (cf. "to ring all the bells" - "raise the alarm"). But from the bell tower you can see not so far, so the expression negatively characterizes a person with a narrow outlook.

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