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Winged words, phraseologism. Meaning, history of origin, examples of use

Winged words, phraseological units

Directory / Winged words, phraseological units

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The boy is frisky, curly, in love

Lorenzo Da Ponte
Lorenzo Da Ponte

Phraseologism: The boy is frisky, curly, in love.

Meaning: About someone who is too emotional, enthusiastically experiencing his passion.

Origin: From the aria of Figaro in the opera The Marriage of Figaro (1786) by the Austrian composer W. A. ​​Mozart, written after a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte (premiered May 1, 1786). The opera was translated into Russian by the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (premiered May 5, 1875). In his aria, Figaro addresses Cherubino, the page of Countess Almaviva: "A frisky boy, curly-haired, in love, // Adonis, seduced by a woman's caress. // Isn't it enough to spin, whirl? // Isn't it time to be a man!" Adonis, according to ancient Greek mythology, is a beautiful young man, beloved of the goddess of love Aphrodite herself - a common noun for a handsome young man who is successful with women.

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