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Tricky pins. Focus secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

You take out two pins from your pocket, open one of them, put the second one on it and close the first one. Emphasize that you can separate the pins only by opening one of them. Next, take both pins by the ends opposite the locks, and effortlessly separate without opening. Put both pins in your pocket.

Focus secret:

One of the pins needs to be dissected.

Focus Tricky Pins

Insert the point of this pin into the head and solder it there. Cut the same wire almost at the very spring. When you connect the pins together, you open the unprepared pin. Then take both pins by the springs and, under the cover of your fingers, bring out a regular pin through the prepared incision. Just in case, it is advisable to have another unprepared pin with you.

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Neutrinos are elementary particles that have a super-strong throughput (hundreds of billions of neutrinos fly through your body in one second), but interact very weakly with ordinary matter - that's why they are so hard to catch. Science knows three types of these "ghostly" particles: electron, muon and tau neutrinos. Neutrinos of one kind can transform into other kinds. This process is called neutrino oscillation, and it is possible due to the fact that these particles have a non-zero mass.

It is calculated that the maximum mass of the lightest neutrino is 0,086 electron volts (about 1,5 x 10-37 kilograms), and the combined mass of the "cocktail" of three types of neutrinos does not exceed 0,26 electron volts. The researchers were able to obtain such numbers by analyzing a large amount of data. They combined information from experiments in particle accelerators and nuclear reactors with observations of cosmic microwave background radiation and exploding stars. They also used data from a spectroscopic study of baryon oscillations to measure the expansion rate of the universe. The data of cosmological observations allowed scientists to make more accurate calculations, since a non-zero neutrino mass can influence the results of these studies.

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