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Stick scales. Physical experiments

Entertaining experiments in physics

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For these scales you will need a tall glass jar. Pick up a round stick 20-30 cm long from some light tree: pine, linden, poplar, aspen. In order for the stick to stand in the water, attach a sinker to one end of it: a nut, a bolt, a piece of lead cable. Pick up the weight so that the stick is level, but does not sink deeper than two-thirds.

Nail a circle of cardboard to the upper end of the stick with one carnation. This will be the scale. It remains to apply divisions.

stick scales

Mark where the water reaches on the stick. This will be a zero division: the weight of the load is zero. Now put a five-kopeck coin on the scales. It weighs 5 g. (In general, remember that the weight of our bronze coins is 1 g for each penny. They can be used as weights. And for conductors and sellers of soda water, the proceeds are accepted not by count, but by the weight of the coins, only after sorting them into yellow and white).

The stick will sink a little deeper. Apply the second division. So, continuing to load the scales with coins, make marks every five grams.

The scales are interesting! It is a pity that they are suitable only for very small loads.

Author: Galpershtein L.Ya.

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