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Transistors of the KT6113 series. Reference data

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Silicon medium-power n-p-n transistors KT6113A-KT6113E are designed to operate in the input and intermediate stages of high-frequency amplifiers, in frequency converters and other units and blocks of electronic equipment for a wide range of applications.

Transistors are manufactured using planar epitaxial technology. They are designed in a plastic case KT-26 (according to the European classification TO-92). The housing drawing is shown in fig. 1. Mass of the device - no more than 0,3 g.

KT6113 series transistors

Foreign analogues of transistors KT6113A, KT6113E - SS9018D, SS9018I, respectively.

Main electrical characteristics at Tacr avg = 25°C

  • Collector-emitter boundary voltage, V, not less than, at a collector current of 10 mA, zero base current, pulse duration not more than 300 μs and their duty cycle 100 or more ...... 15
  • Reverse collector current, mA, no more, at a collector-base voltage of 12 V and zero emitter current......50
  • Reverse emitter current, μA, no more, at a base-emitter voltage of 5 V and zero collector current ...... 10
  • Static current transfer coefficient of the base at a collector-base voltage of 5 V and an emitter current of 1 mA for KT6113A ...... 28 ... 45
  • KT6113B......39...60
  • KT6113V......54...80
  • KT6113G......72...108
  • KT611ZD......97...146
  • KT6113E......32...198
  • Collector-emitter saturation voltage, V, not more, at a collector current of 10 mA and a base current of 1 mA......0,5
  • Limiting frequency of the current transfer coefficient, MHz, not less than, at a collector-emitter voltage of 5 V and a collector current of 5 mA......700
  • Collector junction capacitance, pF, no more, at a collector-base voltage of 10 V and zero emitter current at a frequency of 1 MHz ...... 1,7
  • Thermal resistance transition - environment, °C / W, no more ...... 312,5

Limit values

  • The highest collector-base voltage, V ...... 30
  • The highest collector-emitter voltage, ...... 15
  • The highest emitter-base voltage, V ...... 5
  • The highest DC collector current, mA......50
  • Collector constant power dissipation, mW.....400
  • Maximum transition temperature, °С......150
  • Limits of ambient operating temperature, °С ..... -45...+85

It is not allowed to use a transistor in a mode where two (or more) parameters have maximum allowable values. At the same time, it is not recommended to operate transistors at an operating current commensurate with an uncontrolled reverse current in the entire temperature range.

For the installation of devices, one-time bending of the leads is allowed no closer than 2 mm from the body with a radius of curvature of at least 1,5 mm; in this case, it is necessary to take measures that exclude the transfer of force to the body. The distance from the housing to the place of soldering or tinning should not be less than 3 mm. If it is required to connect the device to an electrical circuit that is energized, the base terminal should be connected first and disconnected last.

Graphic dependences of the parameters of transistors of the KT6113 series are shown in fig. 2b. The output current-voltage characteristics of the device connected according to the common emitter circuit are shown in fig. 2.

KT6113 series transistors

Typical dependences on the collector current of the static current transfer coefficient and the cutoff frequency of the static coefficient are in fig. 3 and 4, while the collector-emitter and base-emitter saturation voltages are shown in Figs. 5. A typical dependence of the collector junction capacitance on the DC collector-base voltage is illustrated in fig. 6.

KT6113 series transistors

Author: V.Kisilev, Minsk, Belarus

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