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The figure shows a schematic diagram of a transmitter for remote control of models. The simultaneous use of both npn and pnp structure transistors, as well as a unijunction transistor, made it possible to obtain a fairly simple device with good performance characteristics.

The radio frequency path of the transmitter is made on transistors T1 and T2. The frequency of the master oscillator on the transistor T1 is stabilized by a Pe1 quartz resonator (27,12 MHz). The connection with the final stage is inductive. The final stage transistor T2 operates in class C (without pre-bias on the base). The load of the terminal stage is an n-loop, which makes it easy to select the optimal operating modes of the stage and communication with the antenna.

Remote control transmitter

A low-frequency generator is made on a unijunction transistor T5. The required generation frequency is set by trimming resistors R9-R11. Frequency selection is carried out by switches B1-B3. The supply voltage of the unijunction transistor is stabilized.

Through the buffer stage on the transistor T4, a low-frequency signal is fed to the modulator. Transistor T3 of the modulator is connected in series in direct current with the transistor of the output stage and allows for almost one hundred percent modulation.

Coil L1 is wound with a wire with a diameter of 0,4 mm on a polystyrene frame with a diameter of 6 mm. (The core is made of carbonyl iron. The coupling coil L2 has 2,5 turns. The L3 coil contains 12 turns of wire with a diameter of 1 mm. The winding is frameless, the diameter is 12 mm. The inductor Dr1 is wound on a polystyrene frame with a diameter of 4 mm and has 60 turns of wire with a diameter of 0,12, XNUMX mm.

The transmitter can use P403 (P), KT606 (T2), GT402, GT403 (T3), KT315A (T4), KT117 (TS) transistors, D9 (D1) series diodes and D809 (D2) zener diode.


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Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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