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One of the most, perhaps, the most common disasters of motorists (as well as professional drivers, by the way) are the actions of thieves - "purse holders". Their free penetration into the car interior is facilitated by the automatic unlocking of all car doors when it is disarmed. The need to manually lock unnecessary doors (except for the desired driver's door) is an extremely inconvenient and annoying procedure for anyone, even the most seasoned and obligatory driver. This is what "barsetochniks" use.

Meanwhile, this lack of anti-theft devices is eliminated by the most primitive alteration of the door wiring. I did this on my "top ten" with the "Mongoose" anti-theft security device, but another car can be redone in the same way. That's what the change is.

Barsetniks will have a rest

The electric drive of the door lock is controlled by two wires. To lock the door, the electric drive is supplied with voltage of one polarity, for unlocking - the other. If a diode VD1 is connected to the gap of one of the wires of the electric drive of the rear doors, then it will pass only the door lock voltage. When the car is armed, all doors are locked, and when disarmed, only the front doors are unlocked (the rear doors, in which the diode is installed, will not be unlocked).

In practice, this modification is very simple. They remove the inner lining of the rear doors, turn on a diode in the gap of one (any) of the wires of the electric drive, temporarily isolate the connection with electrical tape and, without assembling the lining, try to lock and unlock the car doors with the alarm key fob (the doors can not be slammed).

If any of the rear doors is unlocked and not locked (i.e., it works the other way around), the diode in it is turned over (its polarity is changed). Having achieved the correct operation of both doors, the junctions of the diodes with the wires are carefully insulated (preferably using crimp sleeves) and the door trim is installed in place.

A similar alteration can, if desired, be done on the front right door, but in this case it is advisable to install the S1 toggle switch (shown in a dotted line in the diagram), which eliminates the effect of this alteration if unnecessary. When finalizing, I used KD226 diodes.

For two years of operation, there were no failures in the converted door lock drives.

Author: V.Zakharenko, UA4HRV, Samara

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