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Wearable VHF radio stations are widely used by radio amateurs for organizing communications on hikes, competitions, etc. But there are situations when it is inconvenient to constantly hold the radio station in your hands. In such cases, radio amateurs connect a computer multimedia headset with a microphone and a telephone to it, and the radio station itself is placed, for example, in a pocket.

A "Hand free" headset with a built-in response button (tangent) from a cell phone can be very convenient to use. The author used the NKI 6310 headset, which, in terms of its electrical parameters, is suitable for collaboration with a portable radio station. The headset has small dimensions, and it includes an electret microphone, an electromagnetic telephone and a button with normally open contacts. On fig. 1 shows its scheme, adapted to work with the radio station "Standart-C710".

Microphone headset for portable radio station
Fig. 1

The regular plug, designed for connection to a cell phone, with an oxide capacitor built into it, was removed and instead of it, two "Mini-Jack" plugs were mounted - one with a diameter of 3,5 mm (XP1) for a telephone, and the second - with a diameter of 2,5 mm (XP2) for microphone. The diagram shows the colors of the wires that are used in a particular instance of the headset. For other headsets, these colors may differ from those indicated. To increase the sensitivity of the microphone, the resistor R1 can be removed or replaced with a resistor with a higher resistance, but it should be checked whether the radio station will steadily switch to transmit mode (TX) when the SB1 button is pressed.

On fig. 2 shows the appearance of the modified headset.

Microphone headset for portable radio station
Fig. 2

Author: Igor Nechaev, Moscow; Publication:

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