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In various automotive security systems, body vibration sensors are often used. The described sensor is designed for a digital security device, and its operation is based on the phenomenon of current excitation in the conductor.

crossing the magnetic field lines. As a sensor, a modified pointer device of the magnetoelectric system was used - a small-sized microammeter from a cassette tape recorder.

The refinement consists in the fact that a piece of tubular solder freed from flux, 4 mm long and 3 mm in diameter, is strung on the end of the arrow. Cubes with a side of 5 mm made of foam rubber are glued to the ends of the scale. The sensor is installed in the cabin with the arrow pointing down, and its oscillations should occur in a plane transverse to the axis of the car.

The schematic diagram of the sensor is shown in the figure.

Body vibration sensor

The oscillations of the sensor pointer are amplified and normalized by the comparator DA1. The variable resistor R3 serves as a sensitivity regulator, the maximum of which corresponds to the minimum zero bias voltage.

Capacitor C2 dampens oscillations (ringing) at the output of the comparator when switching the output voltage.

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