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Car security with radio notification

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Encyclopedia of radio electronics and electrical engineering / Automobile. Security devices and alarms

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The device can be used to protect any car, garage or other object remote up to 500...1000 meters.

In the conditions of the city, the operation of a sound siren annoys many, especially if it happens at night. It will be more reliable to connect security to the warning system via radio. The police recommend not turning off the sound signal, even if you have a radio security system installed. However, at night, she is unlikely to attract the attention of others in order to catch thieves.

The radio watch consists of three main blocks: a transmitting, receiving and stationary power source with a charger for the receiver, fig. 1. The radio transmitter is controlled by a block of time intervals and, when the sensors are triggered, it begins to emit a high-frequency radio signal modulated by a pulse code. Against the background of interference and other signals, the receiver highlights "its own" and turns on the sound notification of the owner. In the event of an alarm, the buzzer installed on the vehicle can also be activated.

The range of stable reception in open areas is at least 1 km, but in a large city, due to reflections and signal absorption by obstacles, as well as interference in the air, the distance may decrease. To be sure that the high-frequency signal is normally received by the receiver in this place, when the security unit is turned on, the circuit provides a radio channel check mode 4 minutes after setting it to the "guard" mode. This time is quite enough to get home, where the included receiver is installed in a convenient place. If necessary, the receiver is connected to a stationary power supply. In this case, the receiver batteries may be recharged.

Car security with radio notification. block diagram
Rice. 1. Block diagram of the system

The portable receiver is powered by a battery with a voltage of 3...4 V, and the transmitter can be powered by mixed power - from a car battery and a backup battery. When using three D-0,26 type batteries, continuous autonomous operation of the receiver can be 118 hours (about five days).

The overall dimensions of the block installed on the car are 140x140x30 mm, the radio receiver is 127x67x25 mm.


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