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Obtaining essential oils by pressing or squeezing. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

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By this pressing or squeezing, odorous substances can be obtained, which are found in significant quantities in some parts of plants, in orange, lemon, quince and other peels. The essential oil is enclosed in special cells that are clearly visible under a microscope. If these parts of the plant are subjected to strong pressure, then the cells containing the fatty oil burst and the oil flows out. It is possible to squeeze out oil by pressing only from fresh crusts.

They are folded into a bag sewn from strong canvas or horsehair, put under a press and pressed until the oil stops flowing out. As shown by comparative experiments using even the strongest screw presses, a significant part of the essential oils remains in the plant, since a large number of oil-containing cells remain intact. Therefore, when obtaining essential oils by pressing, preference should be given to a hydraulic press that develops a pressure that is not achievable by any press of another system.

With appropriate pressing, the juice squeezed out of plant cells flows through special holes, and the residue forms a dense cake, almost devoid of oil. Together with essential oils, an aqueous liquid, particles of plant fibers and mucus are pressed out.

In order to free the oil from these foreign impurities, leave it alone until the water and mucous substances settle to the bottom of the vessel, and pure oil floats to the top. Then the oil is drained, filtered through a cloth or, even better, through two paper filters. At a high glass bottle, the bottom is cut off and a glass tube with a diameter of 8-10 mm is fixed into the neck of the bottle with a cork; a rubber tube with a tap is put on the latter. By carefully opening the faucet and letting the water out, the aqueous liquid can be completely separated from the oil.

 The wide-scale pressing method is also used for the extraction of various fatty oils, and in particular for the extraction of fatty oils; having use in perfumery production, for example, almond, nut, etc.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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