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Как move in the jungle?

In the jungle, energy consumption in motion at t°C= 26,5°-40,5°C and high humidity increases by 2 times compared to a temperate climate. Sweating increases sharply, sweat does not evaporate, flows down the body, water loss increases several times up to 0,5-1,1 liters per hour.

The basic rule when moving in the rainforest is to take your time and keep moving, moving from place to place. Every hour a stop for 10-15 minutes, after 5-6 hours a big halt for 1,5-2 hours.

Movement is significantly hampered due to thickets and debris. If a group is walking, the former can remove interfering plants to facilitate movement. To do this, you should take a machete or, which, of course, is not so cool, an ordinary garden pruner. Tropical forests are very difficult to navigate. A large number of thorny and poisonous plants, as well as insects. It is very important to monitor the integrity of your skin, because. in a hot and humid climate, wounds heal very poorly, and there is a high probability of suppuration.

1,5-2 hours before dark, it is necessary to begin the arrangement of the camp.

Night comes immediately without twilight (at 17-18 hours).

A place for setting up tents should be chosen in such a way that there are no dead woods and large branches nearby, because. they can break off and fall with small gusts of wind.

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