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Occupational safety of trade workers. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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Due to the high growth rates of market trade in the late 90s of the 20th century, no special attention was paid to labor protection rules in this area. This led to the fact that very often the most elementary conditions for safe trading were not observed. Spontaneous outlets were placed in places completely unintended for trade: in tents at bus stops; in squares, parks; in trailers, near the roadway; on the territory of educational institutions.

Today we can say that the time of spontaneous markets has passed. Programs are being developed and legislative acts are being adopted aimed at restoring order in the sphere of trade, the purpose of which is the elementary observance of the Sanitary and Hygienic Rules and, at the same time, the rules of labor protection of citizens working in trade.

If you are a trade worker, then you should know that the Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation of October 16, 2000 No. 74 approved and entered into force on December 1, 2000 Intersectoral rules for labor protection in retail trade POT RM 014-2000. These rules apply to employers and employees of retail trade organizations, regardless of their form of ownership and organizational and legal forms, as well as individual entrepreneurs using hired labor, performing all types of work related to the purchase and sale of goods and the provision of trade services to customers.

Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation dated February 12, 2002 No. 9 approved Intersectoral standard instructions on labor protection for retail workers, namely, standard instructions on labor protection for:

  • the cashier of the trading floor and the controller of the cashier;
  • storekeeper;
  • auxiliary worker;
  • goods receiver;
  • retail chain seller;
  • seller of non-food products;
  • culinary seller;
  • a seller selling beer (kvass) from isothermal containers;
  • seller of food products;
  • a seller selling food products for consumption on the spot;
  • cleaner of industrial and service premises;
  • an employee who accepts glassware from the public;
  • an employee engaged in the packaging of food products;
  • a loader working in a trade organization;
  • a janitor working in a trade organization;
  • an attendant at the escalator working in a trade organization;
  • elevator operator of a freight small elevator working in a trade organization.

Employers are required to comply with the rules of labor protectionestablished by law.

Author: Bobkova O.V.

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